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Raising a family doesn't have to feel overwhelming.

Being a parent can feel like the most inspiring, exhausting, and wonderful experience of your life. As a busy mom of four kids in five years (including identical twins!), I understand the chaos that  parents navigate every day. 

Many families struggle to find joy, balance, and deep connection. We really just want to cherish those early years together. 

Children's books offer families a powerful opportunity to build strong  relationships and grow together. Honest, relatable picture books allow us to tackle tough subjects and remind us we're human.

In 2020, I founded Little Otter Press to publish The Lovely Haze of Baby Days, a tribute to early motherhood and the tender (but challenging) lifestyle with babies.

In effort to create moments of peace and connection for both small and grown-up audiences, I'm committed to publishing uplifting books for growing families.

Want to know more about the driving force behind Little Otter Press? Click here.  

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