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HOW TO: Kickstarter Add On Tutorial

Many backers have contacted me asking how they can add on additional items because no pledge level has the combination of all the items that they want, and we have also added on some great gift options during our campaign.

To make things as easy as possible, here's a little tutorial on how to do that.

  1. Figure out which ADD ON item you want
    to add to your selected reward, note the price.
    (For example, an extra copy of the book for 
    $11 USD /70 DKK)


  2. Click the 'Manage your pledge' button in the upper right hand corner of The Lovely Haze of Baby Days Kickstarter campaign page.


  3. Click Change your pledge.


  4. Add the ADD ON to your selected reward by simply by increasing the amount of your pledge by the cost of what you want to add on.


  5. Click continue.


  6. Click confirm.


    Voila ! You have our add on!


  7. After the campaign, you will be asked to fill out a survey so we have your correct address and all of that. When you do, you will also be asked to specify what add-ons you wanted to get with the extra money over and above your pledge level. Until then, all you have to do is increase your pledge but keep the same pledge level selected.


Another example: 

Let’s say you picked the $60 USD (380 DKK ) Early Bird Mama Gift bundle pledge level, and you want an extra copy of the book for $10 USD (70 DKK).

You would change & confirm your pledge amount from $60 USD (380 DKK) to $70 USD (450 DKK ).

Now go get your add on rewards! :)

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image 5.png
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